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Gift Planning

Discover Ways to Give & Save

Gifts to AARP Foundation can take multiple forms and can help you address your personal financial goals and dreams. Do you want to make a significant gift during your lifetime, or would a gift as part of your estate work better? Do you have a particular asset that you are thinking of donating? Do you want to increase your retirement income, or is your primary goal estate preservation? Are you carrying surplus life insurance or a large balance in your retirement plan?

Here are some places to start as you consider ways to support you, your loved ones and AARP Foundation all at the same time:

Gift and Estate Planning Resources

charitable donations

Include AARP Foundation in Your Will

Get the information you need and sample language you can use to support AARP Foundation through a bequest. Read

Man writing a mission statement

For Attorneys and Professional Advisors

Our team assists donors and their advisors in finding a gift plan that achieves their philanthropic goals in the most tax-wise way possible. Read

Estate Plan Makeover checklist

Stay in control by keeping your plan current.

View 31 different life changes that suggest it's time to update your plan in our Estate Plan Makeover checklist. Read


a senior woman holds a file folder full of papers

Discover our most popular estate planning tool



Our Confidential Estate Organizer helps you collect and organize your personal information, simplifying the planning process and putting you in control. Go

Other Resources

Celebrating Life

News and stories related to personal growth and purpose. Read


Information on caregiving, caregivers, caretaking and caring for parents. Read

Financial Planning

The latest retirement planning news and issues. Read

Maintaining Control of Healthcare Decisions

Information on long-term care insurance, staying healthy, retirement planning, living wills and more for boomer women. Read


Your Guide to Microgiving

Charitable giving in the Internet age is much more democratic, much more social and much more personal. Read