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Sample Bequest Language

A gift to AARP Foundation in your will or revocable trust proclaims your confidence in our mission of serving vulnerable people 50+ by creating solutions that help them secure the essentials and achieve their best life. AARP Foundation is dedicated to serving vulnerable people 50+ by creating solutions that help the secure the essential and achieve their best life. A bequest:

  • Is easy to arrange.
  • Will not alter your current lifestyle in any way.
  • Can be easily modified to address your changing needs.

Residual Bequest Language

A residual bequest comes to us after your estate expenses and specific bequests are paid:

I give,devise and bequeath to AARP Foundation, located in Washington, DC, TIN: 52-0794300, all (or state a percentage) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, for its unrestricted charitable use and purpose.

Specific Bequest Language

Naming AARP Foundation as a beneficiary of a specific amount from your estate is easy:

I give and devise to AARP Foundation, located in Washington, DC, TIN: 52-0794300, the sum of $___________ for its unrestricted charitable use and purpose.

Contingent Bequest Language

AARP Foundation or its affiliates can be named as a contingent beneficiary in your will or personal trust if one or more of your specific bequests cannot be fulfilled:

If (insert name) is not living at the time of my demise, I give and devise to AARP Foundation, located in Washington, DC, TIN: 52-0794300, the sum of $ _______ (or all or a percentage of the residue of my estate) for its unrestricted charitable use and purpose.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary Language

You may name AARP Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA or other qualified retirement benefits. Donors should consult with their tax advisor regarding the tax benefits of such gifts.

Naming AARP Foundation as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan asset such as a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Keogh or profit-sharing pension plan will accomplish a charitable goal while realizing significant tax savings. It can be costly to pass these assets on to heirs because of heavy tax consequences. By naming AARP Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, the donor maintains complete control over the asset while living, but at the donor's death the plan passes to AARP Foundation free of both estate and income taxes. Making a charitable gift from your retirement plan is easy and should not cost you any attorney fees. Simply request a change of beneficiary form from your plan administrator. When you are done, please return the form to your plan administrator and notify AARP Foundation. We can also assist you with the proper language for your beneficiary designation to AARP Foundation.

Customized Language

If you or your attorney would like AARP Foundation to provide you with customized beneficiary language that is specific to your goal and interest, please contact the Gift Planning Team.

Please contact the Gift Planning Team so that we can assist you through every step of the process.



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