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AARP Foundation

A Unique Way to Grow Your Legacy

Discover a New Use for Your Retirement Plan Assets

“What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” Though poignant, that line from the acclaimed musical Hamilton isn’t entirely accurate.

As you consider your legacy, you can see the garden. You see the great things the people and causes you care about are doing now—and the great things they could do in the future.

Make the biggest difference possible. It’s your goal and the Foundation’s. That means getting the most value out of your assets, including your hard-earned retirement savings and investments.

Did You Know?

As much as 37 percent of your retirement plan assets can be consumed by income taxes after your lifetime when passed to loved ones. Instead, pass them to the Foundation tax-free, allowing us to put 100 percent of the funds to work supporting our mission, and you to leave lesser-taxed assets to family.

Here Are the Simple Steps:

  1. Contact the administrator of your retirement plan and request a change-of-beneficiary form, or simply download a form from your provider’s website.
  2. Decide what percentage of the account you wish to give to AARP Foundation and name us, along with the stated percentage, on the beneficiary form. Return the form to your plan administrator.
  3. Tell us about your gift! It would be our honor to thank you for your support. Plus, your generosity can inspire others to follow your example.

Your Legacy Begins Here

We can help you start creating your legacy at the Foundation. To learn more about using your retirement plan assets to make a lasting impact, contact Heather R. Sherman at or 202-434-6120.

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