Meet Dorothea

As a former accountant, I like to invest in good things — and I know AARP Foundation is a good thing. For me, it’s just that simple. There’s no question about the return you get on your investment. It’s a reliable organization that does good, important work.

I’m 91 years old and have a few charitable gift annuities (CGAs) with AARP Foundation. When I talk about the return on my investment, I’m not talking about dollars and cents. Sure, it’s helpful to get those payments from the gift annuities every year. But the real satisfaction comes from the work AARP Foundation is able to do with my contributions and the struggling seniors they are able to help.

AARP Foundation has my whole heart and soul. That’s the truth. I don’t have a lot of money, but every time I have a few dollars, I give them to AARP Foundation. It’s my way of leaving something behind that can help other people. Maybe even someone like me, who has no family of her own.

“Dorothea” is an anonymous donor, who has been a member since 1983. She looks forward to celebrating her 100th birthday.