Stephen Franco: "AARP Foundation Helps People Like Us"

When you work with seniors all day, live with seniors, and are a senior, supporting AARP Foundation is an obvious decision. You see their good work in action. And you understand how important it is to have them fighting for you.

I'm 66 years old, and I run the front desk at a senior day center in New York City that serves more than 1,800 low- and middle income seniors. I also live there. So when I say I have thousands of examples of why AARP Foundation is important, it's no exaggeration.

There are a number of charitable organizations whose missions seem very long-term and abstract. With AARP Foundation, I can see their work in action every single day. I've used their Tax-Aide service for several years. And I can take you down the hall and introduce you to seniors who struggle with poverty, hunger, and housing — the issues that AARP Foundation is focusing on.

I always tell people, AARP Foundation helps people like us. They listen to what our needs are, and they respond. That's why I decided to make the Foundation a beneficiary of my retirement account. It was very easy to do, and it makes me happy to think that my contribution will help take care of older men and women when they most need it.